People And Lifestyles

People And Lifestyles

People And LifestylesIndia is a homeland to over 1.21 billion people with numerous racial groupings. Their philosophy of being a ‘True Indian’ bind a variety of brown, black or whitish, strong and lean, square and sturdy, or softly rounded with a good lifestyle and lineage, collectively.


About Indian people and their lifestyles…..


“When one looks back over human existence, however, it is very evident that all culture has developed through an initial resistance against adaptation to the reality in which man finds himself”


For a country like India where there is so much of diversity and complexity, it is not an out of the blue mania to realize that Indians replicate the prosperous glories of the ancient times, the culture, traditions and values specific to localities and the various typical conduct, habits and foodstuff that will always resembles Indians in their true nature.


The lifestyle of Indians evidently praises its geographical characteristics. From the never-ending snows of the Himalayan Mountains to the refined peninsula of distant Southern region, from the desert areas of the West India to the sticky deltas of the Eastern region, from the dried up high temperature and frosty weather of the Central section to the cool forest hills. The foodstuff, garments and lifestyle of an Indian vary with respect to the locations’ origin.


Indians love to share their joy as well as sorrow among themselves. Whether it is a festival or a celebration, it is in no way being limited to a family or a house. The entire society or neighborhood gets occupied into bringing the spirit to that instance. There are bundle of festivals like Diwali, Holi, Id, Christmas, Mahaveer Jayanti that are being celebrated by sharing delicious sweets and pleasantries among families, neighbourhoods and friends and colleagues also. The biggest celebration in any family takes place when a wedding has to be done. An Indian marriage is an event that yells for participation of the persons from family, friends and relatives. Similarly, these persons are always there to help out a family in times of need.


The loveliness of the Indians can be seen through the spirit of patience, mutual cooperation and by an arrangement of customs and religions which can be associated to a garden of colorful flowers, which are preserving their identity on its own, bestowing synchronization and prettiness to the garden which is India!


India’s elongated history has always been credited for this unique Indian culture which constitutes exclusive natural features and inheriting customs, traditions and thoughts from several nearby nations and by also maintaining its prehistoric values. Over the past five centuries, India has set up a matchless example of co-mingling with respect to its cultural practices, languages, customs, and traditions. India, the originator of some religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, had been greatly influenced by all them. In fact, few of the invasion and attacks too had their influence on The Great Indian Culture!

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