Day-1::Arrival at Bhubaneswar(Chandaka Nature Camp)

On landing in Bhubaneswar airplane terminal met by our agent and exchange to the lodging.Then Move to Chandaka Nature Camp.It is a Wild Life Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a colourful blend of Semi-Evergreen forest, Bamboo brakes and lush green mixed forests.  It is home to different wild animals and birds and the jungle is place for the wild Elephants.You Can see the deras birds eye view & also do the activites  Jungle Safari (2 Hours in vehicle), Cycling, Boating, Birding, Trekking. ,Overnight at Chandaka Wild Nature Came.

Day-2::Off to Khurda(Berbara Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Berbara Nature Camp.  Berbera Forest is one of the old forests of the state. It has very good teak plantations; some plantation areas belong to per-independent era. There are individual teak trees having girth 6’ to 7’. People are interested to see these old teak plants. The forest is moist deciduous to dry deciduous type. Near by destinations are Maa Bhagabati temple,Dhuanali forest,Bankadagada historic place.Overnight stay at Berbara Nature camp.

Day-3::Off to Puri(Nuanai Nature Camp)

Morrning after Breakfast drive to puri And reach at Nuanai nature Camp. Nature Camp at Nuanai is located close to Puri town i.e. 7 Kms from Puri town , within the protected area of Balukhanda – Konark wildlife sanctuary where the tourists can stay and enjoy the nature with better appreciation of the natural conditions in the coastal area. The place is surrounded with green coastal forest on the bank of the river Nuanai close to its confluence point with Bay of Bengal.Over Night Stay at Nuanai nature camp.

Day-4::Off to Cuttack(Anshupa nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Anshupa nature Camp. it harbors large number of fishes, aquatic plants (submerged, floating and emergent types). Different types of resident and migratory birds visit the lake in winter – time, attracting large number of tourists.Overnight stay at Anshupa nature camp.

Day-5::Off to Bhitarkanika Nature Camp

Morning drive to Bhitarakanika Nature Camp.Bhitarkanika Nature Camp is a Wild Life Sanctuary.It is Known as” Mini Amazon” of India.  it is the second largest Mangrove ecosystem of our country. Dangamal Nature Camp, Habalikhati and Gupti Nature Camps are located inside Bhitarkanika with luxurious accommodations and different choices of cuisine and delicacies. Sighting of Crocodiles, Spotted Deers, Wild pigs and thousands of colorful birds including winter migrants from central-Asia and Europe is very common here.  World’s largest congregation of Salt Water Crocodiles are seen in the creeks of Bhitarkanika. Sighting of Crocodiles, Spotted Deers, Wild pigs and thousands of colorful birds including winter migrants from central-Asia and Europe is very common here.Overnight Stay At Bhitarkanika Nature Camp.

Day-6::Off to Jajpur (Olasuni Nature Camp)

Morning after Breakfast drive to Olasuni Eco-tourism Complex. Olasuni Eco-tourism complex is situated on Olasuni Hill close to Saint Arakshita Das Ashram within a reach of 22 km from Chandikhole Chhak towards south. The Complex having well furnished 3 Nos. of cottages with attached toilet facilities is constructed on the landscaping of the slope of Hill. Besides, one common facility centre is also available.Overnight stay at Olasuni Nature Camp.

Day-7::Off to Jajpur(Mahavinayak Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Mahavinayak Nature camp. Mahavinayak Eco-tourism complex named as “Parbat Sova” which is close to Lord Shiva temple inside Mahavinayak RF within a reach of 5 km from Chandikhole Chhak towards west.  The Complex having 3 Nos. of well furnished double bedded suits with attached toilet facilities is constructed on the slope of a hill covering total area 3.5 Acres inside Mahavinayak R.F. A tracking path over 5 Km is also created to the other site of hillock. It is perfect picnic spot for trekkers and religious people with it densly wooded hills and sylvan spring that flows periodically through its green glades. Many festivals such as Sivaratri, Makar Sankranti, Raja are celebrated here.Nearby destinations are Lalitgiri,Maa Chandi temple.Overnight stay at Mahavinayak Nature camp.

Day-8::Off to Balasore(Rissia Nature Camp,Kuldiha)

Morning After Breakfast drive to Rissia Nature Camp. Kuldiha a part of mega habitat located at trijunction of Balasore, Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar District is a densely forested hill range. Kuldiha is not only a compact mass of hills, valleys and streams but a bounty of natural beauties of biological entities.Overnight stay at Rissia Nature Camp.

Day-9::Off to Balasore(Bichitrapur Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Bichitrapur Nature camp. Bichitrapur Mangrove, a unique gift of nature is situated close to the mouth of river Subarnarekha in the State of Odisha on the east coast of India. The pleasant view of Mangroves, vergin casuarina forests along the coast , the green sentinels of the neighbouring villages, salubrious silvering beach, plenty of Red Ghost Crab and Horse Shoe Crab, winged guests of winter as well as the resident birds, boating in the tidal creeks, Nature’s trail are bewildering and be watching for eco- tourists.Overnight stay at Bichitrapur Nature Camp.

Day-10::Off to Mayurbhanj(Similpal Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Similpal Nature Camp. Similipal Tiger Reserve which spreads over 2750 Sq.Kms is a part of Central Indian Landscape. Similipal is famous for Tigers and Elephants. Not only a Tiger Reserve, Similipal is also a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve and also a part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve.Things to do-Birding,Jungle Trekking,Hill Trekking,Star Gazing,Farm Visits,cultural tour.Overnight stay at Similpal Nature Camp.

Day-11::Off to Kendujhar(Sana ghagara Nature Camp)

Sana Ghagara Eco-Tourism Complex, Aanjar is situated adjacent to Sana Ghagara Water Fall of Keonjhar District at an Approximate Distance of 5 KMs from Keonjhar District Headquarter. The landscape of the site is unique and picturesque owing to undulated terrain and uniform Sal growth. Perennial flow of river Machhakandana terminating as Sana Ghagara waterfall at a distance of 100 meter from the Eco-tourism complex circumscribed by undulated terrain is the focal point of attraction.Overnight stay at Sanaghagara Nature Camp.Near by destination are Badaghagara waterfall,Gonasika,Guptaganga,Khandadhar waterfall,Kanjhari Dam,sitabinji,Famous Tarini Temple,Murgamahadev temple,Gundichaghai Waterfall,Bhimkunda.Overnight stay at Sana ghara Nature Camp.

Day-12::Off to Sundargarh(Khandadhar Nature Camp)

Morning after Breakfast drive to Khandadhar Nature Camp. The Nature Camp located at Khandadhar famous for Khandadhar waterfalls is situated amidst lush green surroundings of Khandadhar hills. The magnificent water fall originates from upper Khandadhar hills and falls down from an amazing height of about 244 Mt.Nearby destinations are Baneswar shiv temple,Tensa valley,Gudguda,Hanuman Vatika.Overnight stay at khandadhar Nature Camp.

Day-13::Off to Sundargharh(Sarafgarh Nature Camp)

Morning after Breakfast drive to Sarafgarh Nature Camp. Sarafgarh Eco- Village and Nature Camp is very famous for having tranquil environment, scenic beauty & serenity. Sarafgarh Nature Camp is surrounded by pristine dry deciduous forest with Sal mixed forest and the nearby Reserve Forests are excellent habitat for Leopard, Elephants, Wild Pig, Barking deer, Porcupine etc. Nearby destinations are Ushakothi Caves and koili ghoghar.Overnight stay at Sarafgarh Nature Camp.

Day-14::Off to Sambalpur(Debigarh Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Debigarh Nature Camp.It is famous for wild life sanctuary. Debrigarh Sanctuary is popular for having healthy population of wild animals and easy sighting of wildlife by the visitors. Debrigarh Sanctuary spreading over 347 Sq Kms is an excellent habitat for Leopard, Bison, Sambar, Elephants, Wild Boar, Chital, Chousingha, Wild Dog, Porcupine, Nilgai etc.Nearby destination are zero point,Hirakud dam,Hirakud reservoir,leaning temple of huma,neheru park,samleswari temple,Gandhi minar.Overnight stay at Debigarh nature camp.

Day-15::Off to Anugul(Satakosia Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Satakosia Nature Camp.It is a wildlife sanctuary. Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary( District-Angul) spreading on both sides of River Mahanadi hosts some of the attractive tourism destinations with night stay facilities in luxurious Swiss Tents. Boat ride on the Satkosia Gorge of River Mahanadi in between the forested mountains is an unearthly experience. Jungle Trek, Birding, Sports,Star Gazing etc on the bank of River Mahanadi are other memorable experiences available for the visitors. Chhotkei Nature Camp nested on the top of forested hill flanked by green mountains & valleys all around is one of the favored destinations for natural lovers. You can stay in Cottages or in Luxury tents with day round activities of Boating,Trekking, Birding etc.Nearby destination are Gharial research and conservation unit,Mahanadi Gorge Eco system,interpretation,Baliput nature camp,Landscape view at Baghamunda.Overnight stay at Satakosia Nature camp.

Day-16::Off to Anugul(Satakosia Sand Resort)

Morning after breakfast drive to Satakosia sand resort.In satakosia sand resort you can enjoy camping,boating in satkosia-mahanadi river cruise,Dance festival,Sand sports,Eco cycling,swimming,jungle trek,camp fire and birding,Folk dance every evening with camp fire,sand sports.Fooding- odiya and Indian cuisine veg and Non-veg.Nearby destination are siddhamula nature camp,kuanria deer park and kuanria dam,kantilo Nilamadhaba temple,Atri hot spring andsarankula temple.Overnight stay at satakosia sand resort.

Day-17::Off to Dhenkanal(Saptasajya Nature Camp)

Saptasajya is one of the Eco- Spiritual/ Eco- Tourism sites in the District of Dhenkanal. The name of Saptasajya is due to the conglomeration of seven numbers of hills with rich vegetation and nos. of perennial streams forming habitat for a wide range of animals, birds. The altitude of hills varies from 300 Mt. to 586 Mt. from MSL. The “Saptasajya is an important tourist attraction for local and outside since many years. People visit the site for their recreation and enjoy the cool breeze, green lustrous forest cover, running stream, wild animal and birds.Near by destinations are kapilash temple.Overnight stay at Saptasajya nature camp.

Day-18::Off to Phulbani(Phulbani Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Phulbani Nature Camp. The Eco Tourism site at Phulbani Nature Camp (Phulbani) has been developed through special package announced by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha for Kandhamal District during the year 2008. It was developed with the objectives of generation of employment to local communities besides promotion as centre of nature conservation.The Phulbani Nature Camp (Phulbani) is situated 4.0 KM away from Phulbani Town.Overnight stay at Phulbani Nature Camp.

Day-19::Off to Daringbadi Nature Camp

Morning after breakfast drive to Phulbani Nature Camp. The Eco Tourism site at Phulbani Nature Camp (Phulbani) has been developed through special package announced by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha for Kandhamal District during the year 2008. It was developed with the objectives of generation of employment to local communities besides promotion as centre of nature conservation.The Phulbani Nature Camp (Phulbani) is situated 4.0 KM away from Phulbani Town.Overnight stay at Phulbani Nature Camp.

Day-20::Off to Belghar Nature Camp

Morning After breakfast drive to Belghar Nature Camp. Belghar Nature Camp is situated at an altitude of 2555 feet above the sea in Kandhamal District. Belghar-Daringbadi is the land of “Hills and Waterfalls”. Belghar is 158 Kms away from district headquarter i.e. Phulbani. It is mainly inhabited by a particular tribe known as “Kutia Kandha”. The tribals believe in age old traditions of hut dwelling and food gathering. Though they are living in forests for years together yet they are hospitable and friendly. Belghar is surrounded by towering hillocks around. The thick forest is home to a number of rare endangered species of animals and plants. The pride of the forest of Belghar is the long tusked Elephants that abound plenty in the region. Many other smaller mammal fauna like deer, wild boar, bear etc and varieties of birds viz: Hill Myna, Parrot, Peacocks and Flying Giant Squirrels are found which attracts the visitors.

Day-21::Off to Nayagarh(Sidhamula Nature Camp)

Morning After breakfast drive to Sidhamula Nature Camp. Nature’s exquisite exposition with varied bounties in the surroundings of the Sidhamulla at the distance of 25 KMs, away from Khandapada in the district of Nayagarh in the state of Odisha belies the relative insignificance of the place. The crystal blue waters of Mahanadi, the sprawling sands the fishing boats dotting the extensive water surface, the divining birds, the splendid hills and hillocks bordering the flanks and the greenery around inspire a creative visitor to sing an ode of the nature. The gentle breeze blowing across the rippled water makes the climate pleasant and thus gladdens the visitors. The prevailing ambience at the site open the vista for further improvement as an all time tourist destination without interference with nature.Overnight Stay at Sidhamula Nature Camp.

Day-22::Off to Ganjam(Chilika Nature Camp)

Morning After Breakfast drive to Chilika Nature Camp. Mangalajodi, “The Birds Paradise of Asia” is in the North Eastern Part of Chilika Lagoon. Millions of migratory Birds congregate during different parts of the year here. Winter witnesses the highest gathering of around 4 to 5 Lakhs resident and migratory birds.It is the Only Place in india Where large flocks of different spices of colourful birds can be seen from close proximity of boat. This is not only the place for birders but also a Photographers paradise in Asia. More than 200 species of birds are recorded in Mangalajodi during winters. Lakhs of Ruffs, Godwits, Terns, Plovers, Sandpipers, rare Grey-headed Lapwings, Gulls, Pintails, Ruddy Shelducks, Skulkers like Ruddy-breasted Crakes, Baillon’s Crakes, Slaty-breasted Rails and the Greater Painted Snipes ,Black-tailed Godwits, Oriental Pratincoles and the Pacific Golden Plovers etc. Variety of Raptors are also seen hunting in different parts of Mangalajodi. Enjoy the panoramic view of Mangalajodi from the 12 luxury(AC) cottages of Mangalajodi Nature Camp on hill slope. The magical Sunrise and Sunset on the horizons of the blue Lagoon can be best viewed from the cottages.Overnight stay at Chilika Nature Camp.

Day-23::Off to Ganjam(Giant Squirrel Nature Camp)

Morning after breakfast drive to Giant Squirrel Nature Camp.In Giant squirrel Nature Camp the tree house gives a close view of those beautiful creatures nesting on the same Ficus Tree on which the house is perched atop. The Giant Squirrel with 2ft long colourful tail and dark red fur on the majestic slender body is seen hopping and jumping from one branch to other of the trees in the campus making loud calls Overnight stay at Giant squirrel Nature Camp.

Day-24::Off to Ganjam(Blackbuck Nature Camp)

Morning after Breakfast drive to Blackbuck Nature Camp. Imagine large tracts of Grasslands on the foothills of undulating hills with herds of graceful Blackbucks fleeing in a jumping gallop with short dashes making clucking noises. The Chermeria Nature Camp, Saluapalli Nature Camp and Bhanjanagar Nature Camp are the three destinations which offers its visitors an escape from the confines of the city life into the magnificent landscape of Blackbucks. Those Golden Deer’s in large herds hypnotize the spectators by their spectacular lyrical movement and limitless energy.Near by destinations are Nature walk,Green Cycling,sighting of Indian giant squirrel & tree top house,sighting of black buck,Russelkonda Reservoir,Water jetty,Tallest siva statue.Overnight stay at Blackbuck Nature Camp.

Day-25::Bhubaneswar Departure

Morning after breakfast check out from hotel & transfer to Bhubaneswar,then drop at Bhubaneswar Airport/Railway Station for your on wards journey with sweet memories of Odisha.

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