Pune is not a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, but is a pleasant travel getaway destination to spend a quite holiday. Situated in the southern part of Maharashtra, Pune is a calm and peaceful city. It offers a comfortable respite from the busy life of Mumbai, the capital city of Maharshtra. This beautiful city has many exotic locales attracting innumerable tourists. Pune is famous for the Osho Commune International, which was the home of Osho Rajneesh. This ashram attracts a large number of people to Pune from around the world to practice Osho’s new-age meditation techniques. Pune is also well-known for its internationally acclaimed educational institutes. There are many reputed institutions here like the Film and Television Institute of India, Armed Forces Medical College, National Defence Academy and Symbiosis Educational Society.


Pune was the capital of Maratha Empire in 1750 during the reign of great Maratha warrior Shivaji. Pune was also under the charge of Nizam of Hyderabad for a short period. Later, the British occupied it in 1817, who tried to develop Pune as the summer capital of Maharashtra and a military cantonment. Today, Pune is known for its natural beauty and rich heritage.

Tourist Attractions

There are many beautiful travel attractions here, which are not very renowned but still have their own charm. One can find many places in Pune having a mark of Maratha Empire. At one point of time Marathas ruled over much of the north and western India and even tried to overpower the might of Mughal Empire as well as that of British.

Agakhan Palace

The Agakhan Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in Pune. This palace is famous due to the fact that the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi along with his wife Karturba Gandhi and Mahadeobhai Desai were imprisoned here in the year 1942, while participating in the “Quit India Movement”. Do not forget to visit the marble memorials of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadeobahi Desai who died here.

Raja Denkar Kelkar Museum

This museum is a passionate collection of Dr. D.G.Kelkar. The museum has a vast collection of unique and peculiar exhibits. The Raja Denkar Kelkar museum displays the diversity of India’s culture in a subtle and delightful way. The elephant-shaped foot scrubber, a brass scorpion that reveals a secret lock and eight images of Lord Ganesha carved on a bean make it a place to see in Pune.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

This temple is a quite and an elegant temple that takes you to the world of spirituality. At the entrance of this small underground temple, stands a stone gazebo (Nandi mapandapam). This adds to the charm of this exquisite temple. Definitely, a must visit.

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada Palace is another major attraction of Pune. It was built by Balaji Rao (the grandfather of the last Peshwa) in 1736. Today, only the massive outer wall of the Palace is left as the rest of it was burnt down in 1827.

Raj Bhavan

The Raj Bhavan or the Government’s House was built in the year 1866. In the summers it housed the government of Bombay Presidency during the colonial times. This spell binding building was designed by James Trubshawe and is situated in Ganeshkhind. It is one of the must visit places in Pune.

Kasturba Samadhi

Kasturba Samadhi is located near the Aga Khan Palace. It has now been turned into Gandhi National Museum. The samadhi contains the ashes of Kasturba.

Film and Television Institute of India

The famous and reputed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is situated in the Law College Street of Pune. It is one of the most prominent film schools in Asia. The institute has produced many famed actors, directors, and technicians for the Hindi Film Industry. This institute is a worth visiting place in Pune.

Osho Commune International

This is an ashram of Osho, also known as Rajnish. It is located in Koregaon Park and is spread over an lush green area of 24-acre. It is described as the “spiritual Disneyland for disaffected First World yuppies” by the Wall Street Journal. Here you may participate in a number of programs with special emphasis on new-age meditation. Do not miss visiting this place.

How to Get There

By Air

Pune has its own domestic airport which is directly connected to Mumbai (163 km), Chennai, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Mumbai is the nearest International Airport to Pune.

By Train

Pune is linked with Mumbai (170 km), Nasik (209 km), Aurangabad (230 km), Chennai (1,088 km), Delhi and other major cities of India. From Mumbai there are regular Buy Trains. The Shatabdi also operates from Mumbai to Pune. Another convenient Buy Train is the Deccan Queen. Other Buy Trains from Mumbai to Pune are Pragati Express and Indrayani Express.

By Road

Pune has an excellent network of roadways connecting it to most of the important cities in Maharashtra and India. The Mumbai-Pune Express Highway offers a safe and fast access between Mumbai and Pune. Pune is also well connected with Goa, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Shirdi, Bangalore, Indore, Hyderabad and Aurangabad through road.

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