Kolkata (Calcutta)

Kolkata (Calcutta)

The modern city of Kolkata, located in India’s eastern state of West Bengal, attracts tourists every time. The development of its modern form is linked to the history of colonialism of the British and France. While the city has been recognized as the initial focal point of India’s educational and cultural changes, on the other hand it is also recognized as a stronghold of the communism movement in India.

Tourist Attractions

victoria memorial

Victoria memorial

Victoria Memorial Kolkata is a historical memorial located in India dedicated to Queen Victoria of England. This monument is the best example of European architecture, it has a magnificent museum, where more than 3,000 objects are displayed, including the queen’s piano and study desk.

Indian museum

Indian museum

Would you like to see Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs or fossil skeletons up close? Then you
immediately go to the Magical Museum of Kolkata, founded by the Asian Society of Bengal, the Indian Museum is the oldest and largest multi-purpose museum in the Asia-Pacific of the whole world. To provide national security to man-made and natural objects, a museum was envisaged. The objects stored in the museum are so amazing that the locals call it “magic house” or magic house. In 1814, this incredible museum was built in Park Street, Kolkata.
The Indian Museum has become the largest storehouse in the country with over 100,000
collections of antiques and artifacts.

Science City

Science City

There is so much related to science in this city, and secondly that it has been presented in such a simple way that we can easily understand what we are all looking around us, how science is in all of them. To see and understand science here, even though the whole day is less, we made an express tour here in about three hours.

To see the principles of science in practical form, somewhere you have to be a part of that
experiment, and somewhere you see it happening. Many things are also seen that common
people consider miracles. When we arrived in Science City, the taxi driver ushered us to the
parking lot. He also gave his number as the parking lot is far away.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens in Kolkata

If you are fond of seeing different varieties of plants with animals, then you can plan your trip in Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden (Kolkata). Here you will find more than 150 rare
species. Apart from 150 plant species, the banyan tree spread over 144400 square meters is
famous all over the world.

From afar, these trees look like a forest. Actually, raise from the branches of the banyan tree in search of water and grow below the ground. They later water and support the tree as a root. At present, more than 2800 jata of this banyan has taken the form of root.

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