Karnataka Tourist Destination

Karnataka Tourist Destination

Karnataka is the southwest tourist hub of India that attracts tourists from all over the world. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is also known as iHub in the country. Due to the increase intourism in the state of Karnataka, at present, a large number of resorts, tourist places etc. have been built, which tourists enjoy visiting here. Karnataka is geographically divided into coastal areas such as the Karavali Hills region or Malenadu region. The region is located on the Western Ghats and is also classified into the northern and southern regions in Bayalusime.

Bandipur national park

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is a major tourist destination of Karnataka which was once the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Mysore. Bandipur was later established as a reserve in 1974 under Project Tiger and this deciduous forest rich in wildlife has now become a very popular tourist attraction. Let us know that Bandipur National Park is 80 km from Mysore-Ooty which is a popular tourist destination of Tamil Nadu. Due to high speed vehicles, a lot of wildlife has been killed due to which the traffic has been banned from 9 am to 6 am keeping in mind the safety of the animal population. Spread across 874 sq km, teak and sandalwood trees are also found along with beautiful wildlife.

Bandipur National Park is home to many endangered species located just minutes from Nagarhole, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuaries and Mudumalai National Park. Located in the Nilgiris, this area is home to many animals such as elephants, hornbills, deer, pythons, lazy bears, pythons, panthers. If you want to visit some natural place during your Karnataka trip then you must visit this national park.



Deobagh is a major tourist destination of Karnataka, which, combined with its beautiful blue water, beautiful mountains, trees of Casuarinas, gives tourists a spectacular experience. After traveling to Devbag, you will never forget this place. It is a wonderful exotic island, where you can enjoy all kinds. Situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, about 2 kilometers from the southern part of Goa, Deobagh is a great place to take a walk, feel the beauty of nature. Let us tell you that the weather in Deobagh is excellent all year. The city is extremely famous for its beaches, sunset and sunrise, seafood and romantic setting. If you are looking for a quiet place to roam away from the cities of Karnataka, then you must definitely visit Devbag.



Bijapur is one of the major historical sites of Karnataka. It is also famous for Gol Gumbaz and other monuments of historical heritage. Bijapur is one such tourist destination in Karnataka that inspires tourists to visit it once again. Explain that Bijapur is an important commercial district of Karnataka state. Bijapur, built in about 10th-11th century by the Kalyani Chalukyas, was known as Vijayapura in those times. Vijayapura literally means Vijay Nagar. Ibrahim Rauza is another important monument of Bijapur which is also known as Taj Mahal of Deccan. Apart from this, other important attractions of Bijapur include the Jumma Masjid, several palaces and various mosques.

Karnataka food

Local Food Of Karnataka

The cuisine of Karnataka is one of the oldest surviving dishes of the Canadian culture. The staple food here includes rice, lentils, wheat / jowar roti and spicy curry. The food of Karnataka also matches its neighboring states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are served in Karnataka. Famous food items here include idli-vada sambar, akki roti. Masala Dosa and various types of Idli, Rava Dosa and Medu Vada are part of the Udupi cuisine which is very famous in Karnataka. You can taste dishes like sambar and rice, Mysore Pak, Dharwad’s Peda, Holige and Sajji for sweet mouth.

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