A City considered as an educational hub in the state was once the capital of Madhya bharat. Ranked the cleanest City in India 2017 onwards and is one of the cities selected to be developed as smart cities. The City also known as the textile City attracts many people as the streets like sarafa bazaar, chhapan dukaan and chawni chowk.

Tourist Attractions

Bada Ganapati

This age old Temple has the world’s biggest Ganesh idol. This magnificent idol towering 25 feet is built with bricks, limestone, jaggery mix and soil from the seven Mokshapuri along with the powder of five atnas and water from sacred rivers.

Lal Baag Palace

The most impressive and biggest monument in Indore is over 200 acres and has eye-catching architecture elements from European and Maratha style. The main attraction in this mega monument is the darbar hall which is covered with stucco art and is a venue for various royal gatherings. The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm everyday and is closed on Mondays.

Kanch Mandir

This Jain Temple considered a wonder is an architectural marvel as the whole building is covered with glass right from the roof, the floor to the door knobs. The building is even covered with paintings that are also done in glass. This unique Temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavera whose statues are kept in the glass chamber at the top. The three statues kept here in glass chambers are kept in such a way that they are reflected 21 times on all sides akin to the 21 tirthankars of faith.

Town Hall

This Mahatma Gandhi hall built in 1904 was originally known as King Edward Hall. It was then renamed to Mahatma Gandhi Hall only in 1948. The building built in Indo-Gothic style is made up of Seoni stones and is also known as Ghanta Ghar since it has a four faced clock tower in front.

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