Capital of Andhra Pradesh, situated by the banks of Musi River and Deccan Plateau, Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. One of the Fastest growing cities in India and a strong competitor to Bangalore for the title IT city of India has a history of 400 years and has many important buildings that signify this history. This City with a multitude of names is arguably the only City in South India that has Urdu as the main language. The best time to visit is during October and November but during the scorching heat the Snow world here offers a snow covered hill station experience as a relief.

Tourist Attractions


Constructed in 1951 to commemorate the eradication of cholera and to provide space for prayer, this monument is now the official emblem of Telangana. The 45 prayer halls and the hall on top provide ample space forprayers and other events and shines vividly during nights. The four white minarets constructed in Indo-Islamic style with Persian architectural influence was originally intended to be a mosque and Madarsa.

Golconda Fort

This massive granite fort covering 5 kilometres was originally just a simple mud fort but was reconstructed in the 16th and 17th century by the first three Qutab Shahi kings. This for was expanded to the present stage after the Mughal Empire took over. The 10 kilometre long outer walls with 87 circular bastions along with numerous temples, mosques and Royal apartments were contrived during this time period. The most famous entrance among the four entrances this fort has is Fateh darwaza and is famous because of the acoustics of the entrance.

Salar Jung Museum

This is the largest museum owned by a single man in the whole world. The museum has a collection of 40,000 articles like books, scriptures, swords and many other items from around the world. This collection of Islamic are forms from all over Asia include illuminated Korans, jeweled swords and daggers and Persian carpets. The collection of European paintings and sculptures here are also impressive.

Mecca Masjid

This masjid is one of the oldest, biggest and among the most sacred mosques in India was constructed over a period of 77 years under two rulerships.  The two octagonal columns on the two sides of the hall were chiseled for 5 years out of single granite rock. It is believed that whoever sits on the slab by the pond will come back to Hyderabad. This motion is considered secret because it contains many spiritual relics and the hair of prophet Muhammad.

The Ramoji Film City

This film City sounds over 2000 acres and has over 500 set locations with which 20 international films and 40 Indian films can be shot simultaneously. One of the biggest attractions in this City has a local coach service using which tourists can have a look around this film City.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Considered by many as the connection between the old and the new, this man-made lake lies between Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The lake which was constructed primarily for clean water and irrigation use has a monolithic Buddha statue in the middle and is surrounded by a number of temples, statuary, entertainment sites and parks all of which adds to the charm of this lake.

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