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India owns around 80 National Parks and 441 sanctuaries. Mainly the wildlife sanctuaries and a few national parks have been set-up during British Raj and Indian empires. Generally, a park is well-known for a specific creature. For example, Gir in Gujarat is famous for its Asiatic lions, the Indian rhinoceros is the delight of Kaziranga, Assam, elephants filch the audience in Periyar (Kerala), Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur, Rajasthan) is

known for migratory birds and tigers are famous in Kanha (Madhya Pradesh) and Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh). The mangrove forest of Sunder bans is the distinctive home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. These are the true illustrations of the living museum of nature's work with a range of animals, birds, plants and landscapes.

Although the India is so rich in wildlife, yet reports poor visibility due to the thick and dense forests. The spotting of wild animals is greatly dependent on their daily habits and seasonal activities. To explore more knowledge on various National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in India, there is a table below where you can get all information just on a click of a mouseā€¦