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Wildlife in Kerala

Kerala has about 30% of its land cover accounted by forests. The forests of Kerala are famous for elephants and tigers. Also there are a lot of animals are there like sambar, deer and wild buffalos. Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park are the major Wild Life centers. Kumarakom, Thattekad, Myladumpara are the main Bird watching centers. The major tourist activities that can be undertaken in the wild life parks are wild life tours. One can really feel the smell of an Elephant in these tours. Elephant rides, staying at jungle lodges, tree houses, fishing camps etc. are other facilities available there. Guides are available in the Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary for treks in the forest. The Parambikulam forest authorities organize wild life tours in the park.


Elephants In Kerala

In Kerala one can see elephants in the streets. Elephants are used for lot of activities in Kerala like Temple Processions, lifting heavy timber trees and woods. Elephants have always found a place in the life of the Keralites. No Temple festivals are completed without an Elephant. They are loved and well cared by the people of Kerala. Certain organizations like the forest department which own elephants, enroll them as employees.These 'Elephant Employees' earn salaries (with which it is feed). They are even pensioned off after a certain age. An Elephant is believed to be a quite intelligent animal; a well Buy Trained elephant can understand almost 40 commands. It is also believed to have a very good memory. As a 'supposed to be real life story' goes, a Buy Trained elephant in a camp ran away to the forest, the big guy returns to the camp after four long years and joins for work without forgetting a single command.