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Thar Desert, Rajasthan

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The Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert as generally known is a fascinating area. It has taken its name from the word Tahl that in local dialect is the term for the sandy ridges of the dunes. The Thar Desert in spite of the inhospitable climate is not an endless stretch of sand, devoid of life and vegetarian. It is a living and dynamic eco-system. It is actually one of the most populous deserts of the world. High and low sand dunes, sandy plains, low

barren hills, etc characterize the landscape of the desert. Most of the sand dunes are forever in motion and keep on changing their shapes and sizes. The older dunes, however, have stabilized to quite an extent.

The scorching heat of the shining sun, vast tracts of land with just sand all around with an occasional interruption of rippling sand dunes, where the life-giver water is scarce and the only vegetation generally found are the thorny bushes, marks the landscape of a desert and so it is in the desert of Thar, except for few things that makes it stand apart. Add to this picture, people wearing brightly hued costumes, women in their ghaghras wearing heavy jewellery and hiding their faces in veil, magnificent and majestic forts and palaces that are splendid examples of architecture, the haunting music and songs and performers that seem to be made of rubber as they dance and perform feats of acrobatics, the hunch-backed camels, royal kings seated on richly bedecked elephants and many legends that are an inseparable part of a rich culture and you get the picture of the Thar desert in Rajasthan.

Recent excavations have unearthed the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed 4,500 years ago that penetrated deep into the arid desert region. With the rising of the trade and commerce, traders frequently crossed this desert in caravans, in the search of new markets for their products. With time, Sarais or rest houses sprang up on the route, which slowly swelled into settlements. Then, there was much plundering and looting on the way and settlers offered security services to the traders in exchange of money in the form of taxes on their goods as they pass through their territory. Most of the rulers of the region belonged to the Rajput clan who had come to the region for refuge and to settle down once more and lay the foundations of new kingdoms, after they had been dethroned from their seat of powers by their foes. They built grandiose citadels and rose to power once again and thus, Rajasthan, the land of rulers, came into being.


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Wildlife in Thar Desert

Some wildlife species, which are fast vanishing in other parts of India, are found in the desert in large numbers such as the great Indian bustard, the black buck, the Indian gazelle, and the wild ass in the Rann of Kutch. How these animals and insects survive in these harsh conditions, under such high temperature and without drinking water and green vegetation is amazing. They have evolved

excellent survival strategies, their size is smaller than other similar animals living in different conditions, and they are mainly nocturnal. There are certain other factors responsible for the survival of these animals in the desert. Due to the lack of water in this region, transformation of the grasslands into cropland has been very slow. The protection provided to them by a local community, the Bishnois is also a factor.


Thar Desert Rajasthan

Camel Safari

Nothing can prepare the visitor for the sheer magic and brilliance of these desert cities. The camel rides on the sand dunes are an unforgettable experience as are the sunsets. These places boast of some very fine reminders of the glorious past - palaces, forts, temples and other elegant monuments of architectural and historical value and unforgettable treat for any visitor taking this route.


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Sam Sand Dunes

Located at a distance of 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes is the closest point to witness the total sandy desert. You can also see the patterns and motifs created by the shifting sands and air. Moreover, Sam Sand Dunes also provide you with an unforgettable experience of camel rides and the sunset.


The culture, the people, the way of life, and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding desert landscape complement the adventurous spirit. If you've ever yearned to explore a whole new world, to experience the ruggedness of the unlimited expanse of sand, then what could be a better place to satiate your adventurous spirit than the Sam Sand Dunes!

Any trip to Jaisalmer is indeed, incomplete, without a trip to the most panoramic dunes of Sam where the wind is unceasingly carving out scenic patterns, on the sand! The Sam Dunes really come alive during the desert festival with a sound and light show, and gala spectacles of dance and music which will reverberate in your ears long after you have heard it.

The Sam dunes are also the most picturesque spot around Jaisalmer, and perhaps the whole of western Rajasthan. Sitting there in the evening with the sun setting, listening to the ballads of the legendary lovers on the Jew�s harp or the Narh (a traditional musical instrument), you might feel that time has come to a grinding halt. The silken smooth sands of Sam look like a tale out of the Merchant of Venice and camel safaris are much in vogue here.

A tour of the Rajasthan Thar Desert of India takes you on a brilliant ride of the golden hues. The camel rides as well as the beautiful sunsets of the desert enchant both your mind as well as your soul. Don't forget to include this magnificent desert on your tour to Rajasthan. You will definitely love every part of your trip to this marvelous and outstanding destination!