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Geography of Kerala

Kerala is located on the Malabar Coast, in the southwest of India. It shares its borders with Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to northeast. There is the Arabian Sea to the west and the Indian Ocean to its south. It is bounded by the Western Ghats in the east. Total area of Kerala is about 38,863 square kilometers. It is situated within the humid equatorial tropics. Kerala's coast is about 580km in length. The state comprises of 14 districts.Geography of Kerala is characterized by three climatically distinct regions. They are the eastern highlands having cool and rugged mountainous terrain, the western lowlands, which includes coastal plains, and the central midlands consisting of rolling hills.
The major features of the geography of Kerala are the golden seashores, zigzag rocky terrain of the Western Ghats, abundant coconut trees, the beautiful rivers and gushing cascades, along with straggling plantations and paddy fields and fascinating flora and fauna. Of course, without the mention of languid backwaters, no account of the geography of Kerala can be complete.