Tour Booking & Cancellation Policy


50% of the total price of the desired service or tour has to be paid to Travel Impact at the time of agreement of tour arrangements by the customer. The balance 50% is called from the customer within 45 days of the tour commencement date. If the tour is booked in a short notice of less than 45 days from the commencement date then full payment is required at the time of booking. Travel Impact also reserves the right to call the balance payment earlier than 45 days prior to the tour commencement date if it deems necessary for holding the reservations in hotels, airlines, jungle safaris, etc on definite basis. Any agreement of service and arrangements with Travel Impact is conditional upon timely payments by the customer.


In the event of any cancellation demanded by the customer the following cancellation rates apply.
  • 10% of the tour amount if tour is cancelled upto 90 days prior to the tour commencement date.

  • 30% of the tour amount if tour is cancelled in less than 90 days and upto 30 days prior to the tour commencement date.

  • 60% of the tour amount if the tour is cancelled in less than 30 days and upto 15 days prior to the tour commencement date.

  • 100% of the tour amount if the tour is cancelled in less than 15 days prior to the tour commencement date.

In the case of air & train tickets, the cancellation charges (prior to 15 days of the tour commencement date) would be calculated as per actuals.

There will be no charges on any cancellation of the tour occurred due to the event when Travel Impact expresses inability to operate the tour in any way possible.

Any refund due from Travel Impact takes a minimum of 30 days to be processed and be transferred back to the customer. Some hotels take longer time in processing the applicable refunds and Travel Impact’ refund to the customer accordingly takes longer time in such cases.

Booking and amendments:

The standard procedure by Travel Impact stipulates initiation of bookings and reservations of the services only after receiving agreement of services and initial payment from the customer. The reservations in the desired hotels, airlines, trains, etc will be confirmed to the customer only after Travel Impact has duly received the confirmation from these service providers. In the case when desired accommodation is not confirmed an alternative arrangement of similar standards is suggested and later booked after hearing approval from the customer. Services after being confirmed by Travel Impact remain definite under ordinary circumstances. Any amendments in services and arrangements desired by the customer in an already booked tour is treated with priority and Travel Impact doesn’t levy any fees of its own on this. However any escalation in tour price due to the amendment has to be paid by the customer. Also any amount in terms of cancellation charge/retention charge levied by the service provider of previously booked service has also to be borne by the customer. If any amendment in already booked services become necessary due to any commitment of fault or negligence on Travel Impact’ part an upgraded arrangement (in terms of price or comfort) will be provided by Travel Impact at no extra cost. However, the amended arrangement made by Travel Impact will be final and non-negotiable. Certain places in India offer limitations in terms of alternatives and any arrangement made by Travel Impact is thus non-negotiable.

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