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Beaches of Kerala

Kerala has many beautiful beaches where tourist can relax on the golden sands, watch the birds fly through the swaying fronds of the palm trees and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing Kerala Ayurvedic massage. For the more adventurous, opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling and diving offer a thrilling beach vacation in Kerala.


Kovalam Beach

Located about 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala. Group of three crescent shaped beaches is known as one of the best beach resorts in India. With clean sandy stretches, opportunities for water sports and Ayurvedic masseurs offering their services to visitors alongside the beach, you're sure to enjoy a relaxing vacation in this idyllic beach paradise.

Shankhumugham Beach

Located 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, this beach is near the airport and tourists can see flights passing by as they enjoy watching the spectacular sunset at this beach in Kerala.

Varkala Beach

This beach located about 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram is known for its scenery, with a clear sandy stretch extending towards the blue Arabian Sea, from the foot of steep rocky cliffs.

Alappuzha Beach

This beautiful beach close to Alappuzha town is near the venue of the exciting snake boat races held here every year. You can see the teams practicing off the beach all year round.

Muzhapilangad Beach

Located a distance of 8 km from Thalasseri in Kannur district in North Kerala this 4 km long beach is an idyllic palm fringed stretch of sand. The beach is a popular venue for film shoots in Kerala.

Payyambalam Beach

Located 2 km from Kannur town, in north Kerala, this calm beach is a quiet getaway, from where you will see a beautiful view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea on your tour of Kerala's beaches.

Valapattanam Beach

Located about 7 km from Kannur town, in north Kerala, this beach is known for its natural harbor where trawlers and fishermen bring in their catch of fish every morning.

Bekal Fort Beach, Kasaragod

Located near Bekal Fort, which is at a distance of 16 km south from Kasaragod in north Kerala, this Beach is popular for its pristine location and the scenic backdrop of the historic Fort.

Cherai Beach

This beach on an island near Ernakulam is a swimmers delight. A 30-minute boat ride from Ernakulam takes tourists to Vypeen Island, where the beautiful Cherai Beach invites them to plunge into the clear waters for a swim, on their beach tour of Kerala.

Kappil Beach

A quiet and serene beach, Kappil beach offers views of the calm sea and space for relaxation on the clean sandy stretches leading down to the Arabian Sea.

Thirumullavaram Beach

Located 6 km north of Kollam town, Thirumullavaram Beach, is a calm escape from the busy town, where tourists can enjoy the sea breeze and search for seashells swept in by the incoming tide.

Kozhicode Beach

This beach is a popular spot where residents of Kozhicode town, come out relax and enjoy them in the evening. The view of the sunset is worth seeing and the vendors near the beach do brisk business selling snacks to local residents and tourists on a beach tour of Kerala.

Kappad Beach

Located 16 km from Kozhicode, this is a typical beach of north Kerala where the shore is more rocky than sandy. The sandy stretch of beach here offers opportunities for sand castle building and other beach activities. This is a popular beach with residents and tourists alike.

Beypore Beach

Located 10 km south of Kozhicode, Beypore is a historic port and fishing center. Tourists can enjoy the sight of ships and boats continuously passing by as they relax on the pleasant beach at Beypore, Kerala.